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Dr Belinda R

Head of the Department MSW specialized in HRM. Trainer in Peace Studies. ... View Profile

Dr Mrs. Baily Vincent (Asso. Prof. )

Associate Professor Associate professor at the Department of Social Wo... View Profile

Dr Miriam Samuel K

Associate Professor Generalist Social Work Practice, Social Work Resea... View Profile

Dr Belinda R

Associate Professor Women Empowerment, Migrants, Unorganised Labour, H... View Profile

Dr Sudharsan S

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Sudharsan specializes in Community Development. Hi... View Profile

Ms Thendral M

Assistant Professor Human Growth and Development, Social Legislation, ... View Profile

Ms Naomi Lawrence

Assistant Professor Business Management, Human Resource Management, Or... View Profile

Dr Sylvia Daisy A

Assistant Professor Family and Child Welfare Human Rights, NGO Managem... View Profile

Mr Mohan Raj R

Assistant Professor Tribal development, Displacement, Urban Developmen... View Profile

Mr Shankar Narayanan

Assistant Professor Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, Research Met... View Profile

Dr Sudharsan S

Assistant Professor Social Capital, Development Economics, Community O... View Profile

Dr Prince Annadurai D

Assistant Professor Public Health, Social Work Research, Environment, ... View Profile

Dr Prince Solomon Devadass B

Assistant Professor Human Rights, Community Development, Development E... View Profile

Ms Janice Shiji

Assistant Professor Medical and Psychiatric Social Work... View Profile

Dr Baily Vincent

Assistant Professor Social Group Work, Organisational Behavior and Ind... View Profile

Dr Alban Nishanth Lalu GF

Assistant Professor Human Right, Women Empowerment, Social Work with s... View Profile