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Dr Venkataramanujam R

Head of the Department History of Modern India, Historiography and Resear... View Profile

Dr Surendran Purushotham

Associate Professor History of Medieval India, History of National Mov... View Profile

Dr Deepika S

Assistant Professor Sciences in Archaeology, Prehistory, Paleoanthropo... View Profile

Dr Sabeera Bijli

Assistant Professor Teaching History at Madras Christian College since... View Profile

Dr Marilyn Augustine

Assistant Professor Modern Indian History, Transnational Migration and... View Profile

Mrs Sreedevi KC

Assistant Professor History... View Profile

Dr Sheba Davidson

Assistant Professor History... View Profile

Dr Christina Kokila

Assistant Professor Aisans in Colonial India... View Profile

Dr Christina Kokila W

Assistant Professor Ancient and Modern History... View Profile

Mr Sadasivam P

Assistant Professor Modern History and Tribal History... View Profile

Dr Chitra V

Assistant Professor Archaeology, Indian culture, South Indian art and ... View Profile

Dr Ashok K

Assistant Professor Technological Studies and Political Economy of Tam... View Profile

Dr Sheeba R

Assistant Professor History of Madras, Indian Culture, World Civilizat... View Profile

Ms Marilyn Gracy Augustina

Assistant Professor Ancient India, Nationalism in South East Asia, His... View Profile

Dr Jayapradaban P

Assistant Professor Archaeology, Musicology, Modern World, Cultural Hi... View Profile

Dr Sabeera Sulthana Bijli M

Assistant Professor Civilization, Social and Cultural Transformation... View Profile

Ms Sreedevi KC

Assistant Professor Indian Socio and Cultural History... View Profile